Captured Audio

Any Audio that has been posted was captured at our ghost tours while investigating with our Digital Recorder, PSB-7, PSB-11, Echovox and SCD-1.

The Audio we have captured as not been alternated at anytime, we are skeptics in the paranormal and it will take hard evidence to have us believe.

The files we do post is in fact real evidence of the paranormal, we do in fact review our evidence and try to debunk anything we have captured before posting it online.

The subtitles added are what our guests heard come through the audio devices, we try our best no to speak because we want to have our guests tell us what they heard first.

It's not 100% proof of what we heard come through is actually what is said, that's why in investigations sometimes people believe they heard one thing while other's heard something different.

We DO NOT fake our evidence, we are honest when it comes to paranormal.

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